Announcing the ArchaeoChic relaunch

I started a side project called a ArchaeoChic back in 2018, and I fell in love with the process of reselling and exploring online reseller marketing.

I put the business down to focus on finishing my degree and working with clients, but I just can’t stop channeling the passion.

I’ve got some super exciting things planned for this brand that combines my love of treasure hunting, social media strategy, and design. but right now I invite you to check out the eBay shop and new website at

Virtual Magic Show Fundraiser for the Santa Ana Ebell Club

I’m joining Naathan Phan and more Broadway on Tour friends for a virtual show on Nov 22nd at 2pm to raise funds for the historic Ebell Club where the theatre group resides. Tickets are $10 and you’ll be supporting the maintenance and repair of this local historic venue.

I am honored and grateful to be a part of this event. I grew up doing theater at this local historic venue and hope you can join us as we help to raise funds to keep it here.

Film Premiere for Making Ties: The Cangdong Village Project

On May 30, the Stanford Archaeology Center will host the live premiere of Barre Fong’s Making Ties: The Cangdong Village Project.

If you cannot attend the premiere, the film can be viewed at


Center for Digital Archaeology Training Tips Blog Series

While I was interning for the Center for Digital Archaeology (CoDA), I wrote a series of short blogs based on a few of their webinar classes. This was a fun learning experience for me, because some of these topics were things I knew nothing about. It is always humbling to me how a little bit of knowledge can spark brand new hobbies and interests.

Browse through the links below to read my posts on the CoDA blog!

Photography and Photogrammetry for Archaeologists

Introduction to GIS for Archaeology

The Art of Narrative in Your Workflow

Lighting for Photogrammetry

Always Have A Backup Plan (A blog about Data Backup)

Choosing Your First Drone

Stop a Moving Lens with Tape (a photography equipment hack Featuring my favorite tool, blue painters tape..)

Placing Coded Targets for Photogrammetry in the Field

Questions for Clear Communication in your Project

To find out more about the Center for Digital Archaeology, you can visit

HSU Unconference: How I Learned Shareout Building a Better Search by Going into Categories and Searching by Subject

From the Humboldt State University Library: “Nikki Martensen explains how to build a better search by going in to Categories and then searching by subject. By searching by subject, you’ll be exposed to related words that will enrich your search.”

Delivering HSU History to the Silicon Valley

This is a press-release detailing some archival adventures that happened over spring break with the Humboldt State University Library Scholar Program.

Published in spring 2016