Resources for dance students, instructors, and choreographers.

Resurces for your Dance Practice

Printable Dance Journal Pages

Track, reflect, and inspire your dance journey with dancer-designed resources.

Evidation Health

Get paid to share your fitness data. Sync Evidation with your fitness apps to earn cash rewards. You can earn even more by sharing your Health experiences.

Pivo Pod (Auto-tracking tripod system)

Film your solo practice sessions with ease using Pivo pod. This device is designed to follow your movement so you can use your space freely.

Learn to Dance

Reading Recommendations

You can find recommended reading for dance and culture in my book shop.

Resources for Content Creation

Blogging and Content Creation

Wish you had an extra set of eyes on your blog posts? I recommend Grammarly for mistake-free blog writing and editing.

For seamless visual content creation and sharing, I love Canva.

I use to create websites and blogs.

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